Introducing the Pyramid of Potential

Recently I came across a pyramid describing steps the creator, Kathy Johnson took to assist her daughter with her learning disabilities. She claims her child moved into being a successful student as well as enjoying both  raised self esteem and and increased IQ.

I found this material, brief as it is, useful. I like the progression and the commitment to looking at different approaches as part of whole to reach results. It is my experience as a dyslexic/hyperlexic that diversity of healing approaches is essential.   I just wish there were two more elements, emotional and spiritual on the pyramid.

However, this is a wonderful beginning. To contact Ms. Johnson go to:

The following is a quote from Ms. Johnson’s site.

“As an overview, the base of the Pyramid is Body and Mind Health. In order for the brain to be working at its best, the cells must be healthy. Just above that is Neuro-Development. Between pre-natal and age 3, we go through many stages that develop our brains and bodies, and open up pathways to our higher brains. Next is Sensory-Motor Development. If we cannot see, hear, or feel well, it is difficult to get proper input to our brains. We need to be able to use large and small motor abilities to properly express what we know. Our Cognitive Development of skills (like processing speed, memory, and reasoning) is dependent on the other parts of the Pyramid; neuro-development and the sensory-motor systems must be in proper working order to develop fully in the cognitive area.

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