Alternate Perception

After several years of research and experience I became a confusion specialist:  Now I can discern whether my confusion is caused by:

  • a collision of senses
  • dysfunctional emotional life
  • refined sugar and alcohol
  • a lack of grounding
  • my crossing, stretched eyes

The more I unravel the tangled causes of my confusion the more grounded I feel, totally absorbed and happy in my daily life, working or hiking or chatting with friends. While my reading has improved somewhat I have become peaceful with the realization that I will never be a great reader.During my research I became intrigued by the fact that there were still moments when I could be overtaken by a “whooshing” feeling. This feeling begins in my head and moves down into my body. Gradually I realized I needed to pay attention to this feeling. I sensed it was a sign prompting me to do things another way.

One day, in my office, when the “whoosh” hit, I went into a quiet room and allowed myself to just be there. Two things happened. First, I sensed my “self” spread from the area below my heart all the way to the soles of my feet and then out horizontally, “way out there”. Second, I felt grounded, relaxed and full of warm love. I call this experience alternate perception. This skill, which I continue to hone, allows me to live spatially and see the big picture. Trying to control the “whoosh” is counter productive. When I relax with the experience, it lets go of me. Such a change!