After several years of therapy, and thanks to the patient guidance of various teachers, including those spiritual and enlightened, I began to realize that some of the pain and confusion I had attributed to my “dyslexia,” was in fact emotionally based. As I focused on my emotional health, I also realized I had confused emotions and feelings. Now I can differentiate between the two. Feelings are heart based – I can actually feel the warmth of my heart – and emotions signal a state of agitation.

As I began to clear up past emotional issues, I developed my synesthesic skills. The word “synesthesia” means “joined sensations” or, in practical terms, “experiencing two or more senses at the same time.” I discovered that the confusion caused by the clash of the senses (see, hear, touch, smell, taste) could feel like “dyslexic” confusion. Now I have learned how to differentiate one from the other.

I was drawn, also, to learn more about my intuitive skills, my sense of knowingness. This talent has been worth honing. I am more circumspect before acting.

As a result of these explorations I became quite effective in “feeling” my inner messages emanating from these many different sources. When they roll into one, a composite of my physical, feeling, sensory and spiritual selves, my instincts become more trustworthy.

After my hyperlexia diagnosis I became more convinced of the importance of understanding my feelings. I needed the two to work in harmony to correct my under-developed reflexes.

So, why was all this work so important? Understanding the issues around my feelings released much of my confusion. And, yes, increase my ability to comprehend what I read.