The Other Side of Dyslexia Review: 5 star book

i hated reading. i mean, REALLY hated reading. at the suggestion of a friend, i bought ann farris’ book, the other side of dyslexia, with no intention of reading it- #1, because i wasn’t dyslexic, and #2, like i said, i hated reading. just out of curiosity, i began reading ann’s book, and i didn’t hate it at all. in fact, i really liked reading it. so much so that i have read and re-read the book several times, cover to cover. go figure. as it turns out, i AM dyslexic. this book has really helped me come to terms with a lot of what dyslexia actually involves, and how it affects my life. it’s not all mixing up letters and numbers like we all think! the other side of dyslexia is a great book for people who have dyslexia, for those who don’t, and for those of us who hate to read but don’t know why. what an incredible resource this book has turned out to be for me, and i hope you find it to be so too.  –Leah, posted on Amazon

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