Children with Challenges: Resource Suggestions

Children with Challenges is a Yahoo group of parents, therapists and persons challenge with disabilities such as dyslexia, hyperlexia, aspergers, autism and many others.  The group was initiated by a mother in a support group who was learning the Masgutova Method.

You can learn more about how this Method helped me overcome my hyperlexia by reading my Article on this website.  Click Article on the top menu above. You can also go to for more details on the Method

I joined Children with Challenges four years ago and monitor the input on a regular basis.  Parents and therapists offer feedback on techniques that are working with both children and adults challenged with a disability. I always am looking for new approaches that might assist me in improving my comprehension – both through the written and spoken word.  Not long ago this information was posted.

Please note:  I have had no personal experience with these two products but as others seem to have had good results in improving comprehension I am passing this information on.

1.         Fast ForWord, a program designed by Scientific Learning. Here’s the link:

2.         Earobics.  It is a cd with games.  One person reports that Super Duper has the best price for this CD. She also commented Super Duper has free games online called Game Goo.

And, if you want to more information about Children with Challenges here is the link to their Yahoo Group.


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