Book: Dyslexia in the Digital Age

You have come upon a blog discussing tools to help dyslexics and hyperlexics.

Today I read about a recent book, Dyslexia in the Digital Age, which focuses on ways that technology can be helpful to dyslexics,  both children and adults.

Speaking for myself, using a computer/internet etc has been very supportive in giving me freedom to learn new ideas quicker — mostly because I seem to be able to image words faster working on the computer or reading the information on-line.  And, when I can’t image, Google is there. I put in the word that is stumping me and I get a definition.  This enables me to get an image (usually) and then the word makes sense.

This new book, Dyslexia in the Digital Age, is written by Ian Smythe who’s a dyslexia consultant working on specific learning difficulties in different language and cultural environments.  It seems the book is organized in a methodical way and has the potential of being very useful for dyslexics/hyperlexics as well as parents and teacher.  Here’s the table of contents:

1 Definition of Dyslexia
2 Testing
3 Assistive Hardware
4 Assistive Software
5 Literacy Learning Software
6 The User Interface
7 E-learning and Knowledge Assessment
8 Multilingualism
9 Conclusion: Spreading the word
It’s available in hardback only.  Paperback will be out in May, 2010.  I went on Amazon and they are selling the book in the US for $26.32.

Have any of you read this book yet?  Please comment if you have.

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