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Feb 16th, 2010 Olympics, Cultural Olympiad

Yes, this blog is usually about dyslexia and hyperlexia but occasionally I am adding other topics.  This sequence is describing my Olympic 2010 experience.  Day Seven, Tuesday, Feb 16th, 2010.

Another full day – now only two things but ………  After a few errands I headed to Northern House (corner of Hastings and Seymour).  Peoples of the Northern Territories have transformed an old bank – you know one with high, high ceilings and a few posts to hold the next floor up –  into a pavilion.  This Pavilion wins my top marks. They organizers gave much thought – so much imagination is oozing out of that space.  The entire space has a natural feel.

Northern artists – different ones – were engaged to create poster art for the columns. They are splendid! 

2010 Olympics: Northern Pavilion: Ann's Rock Sculpture

Northern Pavilion: Ann's Rock Sculpture

And, the environment brings out the artist in us – the visitor. On a table are stones, stones from their land.  We are invited to create sculpture.

 Mine actually stood up!!!!  

And, athletes are present showing us some of the competitive games they play.  They are mostly feats of strength like hanging by your wrists on a pole as you are carried around the stage or the head to head pull – a strap around two person’s heads and they pull.  It’s fascinating to watch.  No, I didn’t try but many children and adults did.

And, they have beautiful art, simply displayed – including hand made clothes.

Go, you will enjoy. I stayed two hours.   

Then I caught a bus to the Coliseum for a late afternoon – into the evening of Men’s Figure Skating:  Short Program.   Well, it was short for the artists but four and a half hours for us.  Now, I am not complaining, I loved it but when I looked at my watch and it was 9 pm, I went wow.  Time has flown by. 

I am glad to have seen the skating before the elimination.  We saw thirty skaters – only 20 move on to the final competition tomorrow.  We didn’t see the list of who made it into the finals but there were some very young skaters who did wonderful work.  They were just not in the league with the stars. The stars, Russian, American and Japanese were spectacular. Their choreography was complicated, their skill amazing, their music appropriate. They deserved being the top three.  What saddened me the most was the tumble.  So many of the skaters tumbled.  Nerves, I guess. 

I do have one complaint – nothing to do with the skaters but with the media.  Surely to goodness, in this day of heightened technology, some creative technician can come up with a way to film events like this without disturbing 2,000 people.  My seat was terrific – except that the media was a boom with a camera that kept jumping up in front of me and blocking my and so many other’s view.  This is not the time to penny wise and pound foolish. I feel sure the technology is there.  Producers need to put their foot down, stamp it down, and say to the media:  this kind of disturbance is unacceptable!    Solve it. 

And, programs. They are non existent at the Olympics. I searched the Coliseum yesterday.  I was told there was a souvenir program – couldn’t find it but was also told it said nothing about the skating athletes.  I, for one, like to know!   All there was, was a piece of paper scotch taped to the wall at the entrance that gave the list of when the skaters were performing   Same things goes for the Cultural Olympiad.  So little information about the work and the artists.  I felt sad about that.  Yes, I know it is green not to have programs with a decent amount of information but…………..If this is a harbinger for the future I feel sad for future audiences. 

By the way – here’s the current solution to the Robson Bus.  It is cancelled until March 1st.   They have created a downtown bus which goes up Georgia, down Pender to Homer loops around to Richards, up Richards to Davie, down Davie to Denman and then repeat.  So, all of you coming and staying in the West End, be prepared. There are lots of buses, the route is just different.  And, someone needs to give these bus drivers a huge pat on the back.  It is amazing how good their cheer is. Tonight coming back – 10:30 ish – downtown was jumping.  An amazing amount of action on Davie.  The party continues.

By the way, I see posters all over town for Nixon in China:  It’ an opera by John Adams a much respected contemporary composer being produced by the Vancouver Opera. If you still have a few pennies in your pocket – go – it’s in mid-March.