Useful exercises to ensure grounding

You have come upon a blog discussing tools to help dyslexics and hyperlexics.  The topic continues to focus on exercise.

Yes, I know, we are forever hearing how important exercise is: for our physical health, a good disposition, longevity of life and on and on.  And,, those are true, but I have found that daily exercise is also good for dyslexia and hyperlexia.  Why?  Because:

  • Exercise is a grounding agent.  After exercising, my left and right brain are ready to work in a more connected way. I don’t space out as much.
  • Exercise keeps my eyes healthy and ready for the process of reading
  • Exercise gives me the energy and willingness to sit down and read.

Exercises that work for me.

  1. Three days a week at the health club: on the bicycle or elliptical for a half hour and then core exercises: crunches, along with exercises that address the muscles in the middle of my torso, then on to arm and leg stretches as well as working with weights.  It sounds arduous. You know, it just isn’t.  I love going and I love the result -– being grounded.
  2. And, one day a week I work out with a trainer. He helps me advance my exercise program as my body is ready for more.  One day he gave me an exercise which has another value. It switches on my eyes.  I see things much clearer.  It just happens. Here’s the exercise, you might like to try it.  Stand with your feet parallel and hip width apart, knees softly bent. Image the center and bottom of your pelvis as lifting up to the center of your body. Then visualize the upper sides of my pelvis pushing down into the ground. I shift my whole body on to one foot and I bring one knee up, straighten the leg forward, rotate the leg outward from the hip so that my foot moves outward and then bring it down. After 10 rotations of each leg my eyes are really functioning clearly. Now, that was a surprise.
  3. Eye exercises. Over the years I have worked with two eye specialists.  Dr. Roberto Kaplan, Doctor of Optometry, and Dr. Larry Jebrock, behavioral optometrist, Both have provided me with an eye exercise program that keeps my eyes at 20/20 vision. Strong eyes seem to mean that my eyes are willing to be grounded, ready to assist me in the process of reading and comprehension.
  4. Walking and hiking are also a passion. I feel so much better always after being outdoors.  Walking on the ground, keeps me grounded, a very important ingredient for comprehending what I read.
  5. Yoga as exercise.  I have also taken years of yoga.  These exercises assist my body in being grounded.
  6. Gabriel Roth’s five rhythms. Movement to music reflecting five different feelings: flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, stillness.  In the San Francisco Bay area you can learn more on  I find this class quietly restorative.

Now, I would love to hear what exercise works for you or what your questions are!

Finally, I will continue to evolve this site, including incorporating dyslexic and/or hyperlexic information that others have to share.  Yes, I am looking for your ideas.  Send them via the Comments below.


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